ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed Released

ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed is finally in bookstores (and available at the Amazon website). The book is close to 2,000 pages and — this was a surprise to me — the book is hardcover. My editor told me that they were forced to put the book in hardcover because of its size. Otherwise, the spine would break. However, the fact that the book is in hardcover does not change the book’s price….

Who Is Looking?

I just posted a new article at the Microsoft Coding4Fun website. The post describes a control named the WhoIsLooking control. This control takes advantage of Ajax to display information about all of the browser being used to view the current page. You can test out the new control by clicking here:…

Slides and Code from Web Parts Talk

Thanks to everyone who came to my Web Parts talk. I’ve included all of the code that we built during the session and the powerpoint in the download below….

Slides and Code from Master Pages and Themes Talk

Thank you everyone who came to my Master Pages and Themes talk at ASP.NET Connections. Use the link below to download the Powerpont and code samples. The code samples include a new custom control called the StyleLink control (The source is contained in the App_Code folder). There is also a page named ShowStyleLink.aspx that demonstrates how to use the control. This control enables you to add a link to a Cascading Style Sheet to a content page. The control automatically adds the link to its Master Page….

Slides and Code from BuildProvider Talk

Thanks everyone who came to my BuildProvider talk at ASP.NET Connections. I’ve included a link to the slides and code from the talk below….

New Version of ZAP

I just posted a heavily updated version of ZAP — a tool that enables you to generate ASP.NET 2.0 websites automatically. This new version also includes ZAPDiscover, a tool that enables you to generate a zap.config file from an existing database….

Creating an ASP.NET Hangman Control

I posted a new article at the Microsoft Coding4Fun website that contains a code sample for a custom ASP.NET control that renders a hangman game. You can try the game at this website by clicking the following link:…

Introducing ZAP: a Tool for Generating ASP.NET Websites Automatically

After you write hundreds of ASP.NET applications, certain patterns emerge. You discover that you are writing the exact same code over and over again. I’ve reached that point with ASP.NET. In order to avoid the insanity that results from writing the same tedious code, I wrote a tool named ZAP that automatically generates ASP.NET websites….

Back from Training in Sacramento

I’m back from a 5 day workshop in Sacramento. Great group of students (very friendly) and that Ryan guy was scary smart :)…

Creating Loud Websites

I just posted a new article at the Microsoft Coding 4 Fun website. This article explains how you can use Javascript to add sound effects to your web pages (including ASP.NET pages)….