Aspsite.com is your one stop for any information you may want on ASP.Net. But what is it? It’s a technology created by Microsoft made for developing web pages using a Framework. The .Net Framework to be precise, this framework is a environment that manages the multiple resources and comunicates with the operating system so that the programmer only focuses on the task that the asp site should do. It characterizes on being easy to develop, great performance, highly scalable &great support for various web technologies.

It’s easy to develop asp sites. Visual Studio .Net has one of the must advance graphical interface environment in the industry. It uses the grab and drag philosophy. This let’s the programmer how the asp site is looking when developing. Thanks that it’s using the .Net Framework, the websites can be program in Visual Basic .Net, C# or Jscript.Net. If you which you could make a asp.net site that uses all three, but that isn’t a recommended practice. It can use those languages thank to the CLR. The Common Language Runtime is an intermediate language the all .Net projects are converted too. This is how asp sites can be made with any language. That code is run through the .Net Framework using the JIT(Just in time) compiler. This let’s the asp site have great performance & be scalable. Because the code is run in realtime and uses the resources as it sees fit.

A Asp page would on normal html and asp tags. This tags are very similar to the tags in html but they are run on the server side. So the end user will only see the html code. This server side tags are also known as controls and they can be quite modular. Instead of trying to make a calendar component on the each site a person could use a Calendar control and put it everywhere he needs. Functions like validation which tends to be very tedious can be done quickly on a asp site thanks to the controls.

Anyboy can make a website using the .Net Framework you can find out here how to make a asp site.